The Uhaul

Lesbian Couple

The intoxicating smell of her hair, her smile, her kisses, looking through the lens of love
You think you’ve found the one, you spend hours in bed, time flies, you found her it’s done

Projects on hold, sick days are called, nothing else in the world matters except letting this love unfold
Stories are shared, candles are lit, long baths are taken, you love this bit

You can’t be apart, this love is too strong, it feels so right you want to move it along
She packs up her things, you shout out to the world “I’ve found the love of my life” my next chapter is told

Now she’s here all the time, you get to know each other more, you start to notice things, you didn’t notice before
The passion subsides and the fog starts to lift, you have nothing in common, feelings start to shift

You wonder, is this love or was I just horny? Maybe, after all this was a lustful journey
You pull back, she asks you what’s wrong, you want to scream I’ve made a terrible mistake, you want to be gone

But instead you excuse, I’m tired you say, when all you want to do is run far far away
Then tears are shed, nasty things are said, the love that once was is over and dead

You feel bad, she gets mad, the end isn’t pretty, it’s really quite sad
Next time will be different you say, well that’s a story for another day.