The Tie

lesbian vegas

A tie isn’t sexy all on it’s own, but around your neck its found a good home
Do you wear it for display, or a power play? Maybe the reason you just wont say

You think you’re in charge when wearing your tie, you get that confident look in your eye
Little do you know I’ll pull it from your neck, walk you around like a dog, make you my pet

Don’t try to boss me, you won’t succeed, I’ll bring you the baggie you’ll probably need
Don’t confuse my kindness, or hesitate, you think I’m weak, that’s your mistake

I wear the pants, I say what goes, who do you think you are? Who fucking knows?
Let’s be clear, you play by my rule, you thought you could play me, that I’d be your fool

Now the roles have reversed and you’re down on your knees, you’re begging for more, making your pleas
You thought you were the boss of me, now you have learned, your weak and you’re needy, about to get burned

You beg for forgiveness, now you’re enslaved – that’s right I own you, shut up and behave